Anatomy   A215   Virtual   Microscopy

The objectives for the virtual microscope laboratories for this course include:
  • Helping the student recognize the microscopic structural features of the cells, tissues, and organs of the body.
  • Aiding the understanding of the correlation of these microscopic features with their functional significance in cells, tissues, and organs.

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Use of the virtual microscope  
A review of the optical microscope Chapter 6   The Nervous System
Chapter 1  The Cell and Cell Division Chapter 7    The Circulatory System
Chapter 2   Epithelial and Connective Tissue Chapter 8    The Respiratory System
Chapter 3   The Integumentary System Chapter 9    The Digestive System
Chapter 4   The Skeletal System Chapter 10  The Urinary System
Chapter 5   The Muscular System Chapter 11   The Reproductive System

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